Friday, March 6, 2015

{March, you're awesome}

When we were younger and had to go to a new place like school, sports, clubs, etc, we would always play 'getting to know you' games. One of the games that always stood out to me was the one where we had to throw a beach ball around with questions on it and where ever your left hand landed, you had to answer that question. One of the popular questions was "What is your favorite month and why?" Most people would say December because of Christmas or whatever their birthday month was and I of course said May because its my birthday month.

 Now that I think about it, March is definitely my favorite month. Why you might ask? First, its my anniversary month! The month I married my best friend, the man I couldn't imagine my life without.

Second, because its the month of SPRING!! 
(March 20th)

I couldn't have said it any better.

 Lastly, I love March because the weather is starting to get a lot nicer, which means we can start to grill more often! We get to hang out outside and throw the football around and enjoy the nice weather while waiting for our food to cook on the grill. 

 March is especially busy for our family this year.  To comfort me in this busy month, I lucked out and get to watch my in-laws dog! I'm SO excited because I now have a running partner just in time for this amazing weather (our landlord won't let us have a dog so this will have to do!)  The major reason this month is busy though is because Justin has his first round of boards! He has been studying so hard and soon boards will be behind us, and he can destress (although he has to wait 2-3 super stressful months for the results). I'm so proud of how smart and dedicated he is to his future for us and our future family. He amazes me more and more everyday. 

And that is why I love March!