Thursday, February 6, 2014

{I love my job}

In July of 2013 I got a new job, and little did i know that it would be the best job I've ever had. I had the opportunity to nanny 3 kids. Before, I worked at a daycare and at Life Time Fitness teaching little kids how to swim. I have always known i love working with kids, so i knew this would be the best job for me. Of course it has its days that can be stressful, but it is well worth it! I'm going to share with you about the family i work for. First, the parents. Dustin and Melanie is the definition of hard workers. They both work early in the AM and until the evening and sometimes LATE evening. BUT, even though they both work, they still have time to do fun things with their kids and spend quality time with them. You can tell that they are a very loving family. I admire Melanie. She wakes up to get herself and the kids ready for work and school. Then she will get her lunch all ready and their dinner. After she has her purse and jacket on, It still takes her about 5 minutes to walk out of the door because the kids are giving her hugs and kisses. You can tell they love each other so much. When Melanie and Dustin get home, they take their kids to all their activities basically every night. Can you say BUSY?! Melanie has taught me that no matter how busy life gets, her kids can always count on her. She will always have time for them no matter what. Now the 3 kids. Izzy, 8, is smart, beautiful, loving, and cheerful. I've never seen any 8 year old so obedient. She will read and play with her little sister even if she doesn't want to. When Izzy gets home, she goes straight to do her homework and read for 20+ minutes. She gets everything so fast. Izzy is SO smart. Izzy has a very contagious laugh. It is literally impossible to be anything but happy when you're around her. She can seriously light up the whole room. Izzy has taught me to always be loving and happy because you don't get anywhere without it. Now Carter. I grew up with 3 sisters and 1 brother. I NEVER knew how crazy boys can get. Carter is ornery, hyper, and loud. He loves to bug his sisters until they start crying. BUT, Carter is also very loving, handsome, and smart. As much as he hates school, he is VERY smart. Every week he comes home with a harder spelling list than the other kids. It doesn't take him long at all to do his homework. I am so proud of him! He has the cutest smile ever. He's going to be a stud when he gets older. Watch out Mom!! Carter has taught me how to be VERY patient. Not with just him but with myself and others around me. I think everyone needs to know how to be patient, because if you don't you'll get irritated and wont be happy and happiness is the key to life. And because of him i hope to have a couple of  boys of my own someday. Carter also can light up the room with his cute smile/laugh. Now Maddy, 4, is sweet, happy, beautiful, giggly. Maddy always wants to be right there with everyone. She is always smiling and laughing. She already has better style than i do. She has the cutest clothes and always wants her hair done with bows. She loves to cuddle and have books read to her. 4 is such a fun age. Maddy is the sweetest little girl i have ever met. She can light up the room by just hearing her soft voice. She has taught me to love everyone and everything. She says "I love you" to everything and I know she really means it.

These kids mean the world to me! I am so happy I'm their nanny. I love watching how innocent kids really are. This has been a big blessing to watch these happy angels. I cant wait to see what they have in store for me and i cant wait to watch them grow up. I wish i could be their nanny forever. I love you guys!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

{Trying blogging out!}

I'm not the one to write in a journal or anything but the other day i was thinking that i want to remember all the memories that i have. I have such a wonderful life that i don't want to forget anything! So why not blog about it?

A little introduction of me:
  1.  I graduated from high school in 2012.
  2.  I am currently 19.
  3.  I married my best friend at the age of 18. It almost our 1 year anniversary!
  4.  We moved out of our apartment and into our first house on the first of the year. 
  5.  I love being a wife.
  6.  I nanny 3 amazing kids.
  7.  I like to be outdoors and active.
  8.  I love listening to music. I'm not really musically talented though.
  9.  I am number 3 out of 5 kids and have phenomenal parents.
  10.  I have a cat named Nadiya which means "hope" in Russian.
  11. I am Mormon.
I hope to keep up to date on my blog. Ill be writing about anything and everything. :)