Thursday, May 8, 2014

{The Story Of Us}

December 11 2010 is the day that changed both of our lives in ways neither of us could have predicted.

      That day Justin was living in Moscow, Russia serving his 2 year mission for The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was playing Hockey with some of his friends and church members and he broke his leg. It would end his mission early, leaving him questioning why this would happen?
      That night I was a normal sophomore that went to bed and had a dream. It wasn't a normal dream.  It was pitch black and I could only hear a voice. That voice said "your future husband is on his mission right now and preparing to come home." I thought it was really obscure. I told my mom the next morning and she told me to write it down and see what happens. Over two years went by until Justin and I began dating. We were reading through his mission journals and found the broken leg entry. A couple days later I was cleaning my room and found the piece of paper I had completely forgotten about. When I noticed the dates are the same I told Justin about it, and joked that his leg broke - setting a chain of events that would lead him to me.  Essentially I broke his leg.

It was love at first sight...kinda.

     I knew OF Justin because he dated an old friend of mine for a time. On Monday July 9th, 2012 I went to play volleyball at my church. A bunch of us were playing volleyball for a few hours and I kept picking on the cute blonde-haired boy. I kicked his butt :) Afterwards, a group of us went to the movies to see Spider-Man, he and his friend decided to tag along. Our group wanted to get ice-cream after the movie, but Justin said he was craving a slushie from Sonic. He asked if anyone else wanted one, to which I hurriedly said yes [I hate ice-cream after-all]. It felt like he was driving really far, but kept reassuring me that it was the closest one.  Later I found out he knew of five that were closer, but wanted an excuse to talk with the cute girl. As we were driving he said, "So whats your story?"  I told him about myself for awhile.  After a decently long trek, we met back up with our friends and all went our separate ways.

      That Sunday I was sitting with my friends talking after church, when he approached me and asked, "Hey I'd like to get a group of people to play volleyball more often. Since I'm new-I don't know anyone, can I have your number so we can set things up?" After a hesitant glance from my friend [his now ex] I got the "okay" glance. That night he messaged me...but we never talked about getting a group of people to play volleyball. I find out later it was the best excuse he could come up with to get my number. The next day, July 16, we went on our first date to the park to work out, then went to get a Sonic drink. We sat on his car and talked for what seemed like an hour or so. Nope!  Four hours later, and its 3 am!  The following four months went just like that night, we couldn't spend enough time together.

November 21 2012
The proposal...

 Around the holiday's, Justin's family takes annual pictures. That year they chose to do them at a lake behind their house. Once the family pictures were done, the photographer said she wants to take couple pictures next. She said, "How about we do Justin and Amber first? Go over there on the dock and just pretend we aren't here - be cute." So Justin being the goof he is says, "Lets shake our butts at them." I later find out that's the sign to his family to pull out their phones and take pictures, so he could get lots of different angles of the proposal.

Justin got down on one knee, then asked me to marry him. And of course i said yes! To which everyone cheers.

                                                                               I knew what was happening now.

                                                                     The dang wind wouldn't stop blowing my hair.

4 months later...

    March 16 2013 was windy and cold, but it was the best day of my life. That's the day I married the love of my life.

   I got up super early to get ready to be married at 12:30. We got sealed for eternity at the Kansas City Temple. Later that evening we had our reception, celebrating with all of our family and friends.

    It's been a little over a year and we couldn't be happier! I don't regret one bit getting married young. Some people have called it stupid and foolish, but I know its the best decision I have ever made, and wouldn't trade it for anything.

                                                         Here's a video. ENJOY!